Hi All,

I have a boss that has a Prostart 816 Plus System. Recently they had purchased a Motorola CLS1450cb Industrial cordless phone to hook up the existing system. This phone also is a two-way radio. Anyways , I was trying to get it to work this weekend. Well, I was not lucking enough.

Issue : Port 7 and 8 were config for slt not keyset. I doubled checked the jumpers I believe J8 J9 to make sure the wre on SLT. Also , the tcc1 jumpers was initially set to off if that matters. Jumpers J2 J3 I believe off top my head .

Anyways , when I plugged it in port 7 for single line I was unable to get a dial tone. I also tried a basic single line phone and still no go. I read through the manual to see if I missed anything else and came up with code #38 - set up of dialtone for SLT ..

Can anyone please help ??? Is there any config via the system I need to do?? I know the phone work since I tried in a direct connect to a line and got a dial tone and could dial and recieve a call from my cell phone.