I've got the Sprint SVP-4 voicemail system, and I've got it torn apart here on my desk.

I'm in the process of getting a new P/S for this unit, so for the time being, it's being powered by a spare ATX power supply.

Here's the questions:::

I can connect via serial to the machine's db9 port connector on the back, and use tinyterm to see it boot. (using TVI950, 9600 Baud 8,N,1) However, I only get to see the bios and post info, (see below) but nothing after that. I.e. No status, no voicemail software, etc. The little speaker plays a bunch of notes, but nothing else shows up on the screen.

Am i doing something wrong here? Am I using the right port to view the screen? (There's another DB25 just to the right of the DB9, should I be using that one instead?)

Any help at this point would be really useful. Also, does anyone here have the tech book for setting up new users, removing old ones, etc.

I'm asking this because our local tele-data company is gone, and no one close can service this.