Hello all, long time reader first time poster!

You all have a great forum here. I really like the pics of the best and worst telco boards.

I have a question about an Inter-tel AXXESS
DB v 7.001
DB studio is 2.43 (came with 7.003)

While packing up some boxes to move our office to a new location, we found an old Intertel AXXESS with CPU and DSK cards.

I spoke to others in the company and say that it dates back to when the company was actualy a divsion. Be fore we separted.

The system was password protected. and being that we had a new system inplace for over 2 years. Plus the 5 years of dust on it told me that a system reset was perfectly safe.

I have reset the system to factory defaults.

But I can't get the end-point hooked up to display anything else but "MAJOR ALARM"

I looked into alarms in the Administration manual , but with out a number I don't know where to start.

I started with a Key set test by unplugging/replugging the endpoint and holding down '*' and '#'

But still MAJOR ALARM no number.

I tried exporting an error log in DB studio
Operations menu -> Error Information.

I selected all of the boxes and read though the output, only 2 alarms are there

-01:016- 12:00 01-01 A014 ALARM Real-Time Clock Needs To Be Set

--I then set the time.

-01:032- 12:00 01-01 A110 ALARM CPU: Database Feature Bundling Error

This one I don't know how to diganose.

Can anyone help me.
again it;s just a CPU card and a DSK card.

This thing would be very helpful in seting up the new Telco board at the new site.

Our currect vendor who is too far away, and we a too cheap to have him come here for on site work.
He will dropship an addition DSK, LSC and IPRC to barrow so that I can setup this system at the new site to make sure this is all working.

Thanks to all that can provide insite.