We are currently having an issue using lynksys spa300 or netcomm V422 routers for a SIP satellite office solution.
you can hold or transfer an outgoing call but not an incoming call, the incoming call is showing on the router as active until inactivity timers complete and it drops the calls at the router, but the mitel system drops the call as soon as you press the hold, park or transfer keys.
have tested this thoroughly with bioth routers and cannot seem to find the cause, even though i know ethan group in OZ have had it working with the V422, unforunately tech who did it has left.
3300 MXe release
spa 3000 ver 3(1).1.20

The problem seem to be that when the mitel receives a call and you try to transfer it the mitel sends out the following SIP info.
Invite SIP:
whereas on outgoing call it sends
Invite SIP:[email protected]:5060
(8822 is dialed number)
which works ok
any help or ideas would be appreciated...PLEASE!!!!

Installs all over Australia ---120 and counting