Dear Friends:

I've been experimenting with this phone system, and have found that I can access the programming interface by plugging a laptop computer into the COM port on the chassis itself (it's a male DB-25 port). My questions are:

(1) Data in the configuration program indicates that there is a "Port A," COM Port, which is a modem, and can run at rates as high as 19.2KB. How is this modem connection established? Would it be possible to connect to this via a computer connected to an extension through an "analog station interface?"

There is a female DB-25 port on the Phone system chassis near the COM Port. Is this a printer port?

Thanks, Cam McIntosh

PS: I was able to find two sources for manuals on this hardware, but am reluctant to pay the high prices proposed, because we're not sure if it's a good investment.

However, the system seems to be working MUCH better after I removed the cards, used canned dust cleaner to blow out the slots, and reseated the cards.