Hello All,

I have a real problem that I am hoping someone can help with.

I have a 384I, PRI, 100 Digital stations, 50 analog stations, 200 virtual.

Our main DID number rings out to a virtual extension set on 5 or 6 reception phones. Calls come in normally most of the time and are transferred by one of the receptionists. We have been getting a problem of calls getting stuck, mid transfer. When you check the FN key that is programmed for this extension, it shows a number connected, but there is no one on the line. In addition, it locks the virtual extension so no new calls come in (Busy signal from outside and extension to extension). It also causes every phone that this extension is programmed on to ring non-stop. When answered, there is no one on the line. When this started it happened around once every couple of months, but is now happening once or twice a week.
The only thing that fixes it is cold starting the system, but this is getting to be a problem during business hours. I have asked around to many places. Even our installer/service people (Believe it or not, NEC/Nitsuko certified)do not know what is causing it.

ANy help you can give is much appreciated.