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The following is information about the TRIVIA and Tech-Talk Chatroom. This includes the AUP (acceptable use policy) and TOS (terms of service).

The #Tech-Talk chatroom is run on Serenity-IRC Network ( []. This is not a subject for debate. All clients from Sundance Communications are to connect on port 6667 through 6669.

NOTE--Administrators and Chat Moderator have FINAL SAY in any dispute.

NOTE--Chat Moderator has FINAL SAY in any dispute regarding the bot.

Rules and Regulations:
There are a few basic rules and regulations for Tech-Talk chatroom. They are as follows:
*- DO NOT flood, spam, advertise, or distribute during chat.
*- DO NOT send malacious software/files over the network or to emails.
*- NEVER give out personal information!! EVEN IF YOU KNOW THE PERSON!! Exchange info on the boards through PM if you MUST.
*- DO NOT ask us to change servers, link, or cross our bots.
*- DO NOT ask for operator status, operator status' is given to ADMINISTRATORS, and voice is given to MODERATORS. All users of Sundance and the network are limited to normal-chatter status.
*- You can entire a PRIVATE conversation by double-clicking on someone's nickname.
*- DO have fun!

The following is information on the TRIVIA program.
*- Trivia is run by a artificial intelligence robotics script. It is controlled by topher, the Chat Moderator. The bot's name is DMARK.
*- Prizes may be distributed for the top scorers in Telecom Trivia.
*- Trivia may be stopped at any time without prior warning.
*- Mis-calculations beyond 7 percent will be corrected by chat moderators.
*- Questions and answers are provided by users of the Sundance Communications Board. Sundance nor chat moderator take responsibility for incorrect information.
*- HAVE FUN! that's why it's there!

More information may have been left out or not added at this time. Please expect updates.

Don't be afraid! Join us for chat Thursdays from 7-9c time.

Have an idea for a new game? Send a PM to the Chat Moderator (topher) and we can get something going!! Remember that any program/game requires scripting and may take awhile to be put into affect.