Ok, so I was able to get the IP 2004 to work on our network. Now, we're trying to get it to work through our backup DSL. We eventually want to get these phones to work at home and we're using the DSL to test.

Our phone settings are:

EAP Enable - No

IP - (DSL modem)
mask - (DSL modem)
GW - (DSL modem)

S1 IP (our public address) 66.XXX.XXX.227
S1 port: 7000

S2 IP: 66.XXX.XXX.227
S1 port: 7000

Cfg XAS - No
Voice VLAN - No
PC Port - No
Duplex - Auto
GARP Ignore - No

We have opened up all the ports on the firewall (Sonicwall Pro 1260). When we attempt to connect, the screen says "Connect to S1", then immediately goes to "Connect to S3", then it goes to "Server unreachable". :bang:

Do we have to get a VPN router to get this to work?

Is there anything else I need to change on the BCM?

Thanks in advance,