A local school district did a no competete bid award (2 weeks after they emailed us and said they would let us know when and if they were going to bid). Needless to say, we were a bit upset. We did get a copy of the proposal they accepted from their regular vendor. They just paid whatever they were told, which is fine for business but terrible policy for a public entity.

Anyway, does any Vodiva guys dare private message me about what a system like the following should sell new for? I am curious to see if my district got ripped off.

One XTS C IP basic system 4x8x2
One MODU modem
One DTIB 12 port station card
One Newtworking software
One 12 port VoIp card
Ten 30 key Display Speakerphone

Mininal installation over wire and jacks in place. Standard 1 year warranty.

I guess I am doing this more to cool down than anything. Thanks for everyone's help!