I have a problem with my GDK-16 system as to when i'm not in the office i divert all incoming co lines to my mobile using the following procedure 5 4 6- this is unconditional to off-net 9-groupno(all lines) then my bin no 21 assigned to my mobile. Problem i have is when divert is activated a caller calling my office number gets the usual ringing tone for about 20sec then the system diverts but makes a noise like the line has been disconnected, a short pause then the ring tone to my mobile. This is causing people to hang up thinking the call has been disconnected! I adjusted the DID/DISA No answer timer from 20sec to 0sec which makes the system divert as soon as the lines ring, however when in normal operation this causes none of the other extensions on the system to ring other than my main station. Can anyone help before I do some damage!!