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I have an Asterisk PBX acting as a voice over IP gateway (currently only 1 port, more to come if I get this working.)

The Asterisk PBX is connected to extension 7843.

My desk is normally extension 7815.

I want to be able to forward my phone to 7843 and when 7843 picks up I want 7815 automatically entered so the call goes to the software phone extension configured on my laptop.

I can do the blind forward to 7843 by doing *4 7843 on my extension, all calls would ring at ext 7843. But since I want to add several ports to the VoIP gateway in the future I need to pass the extension to the VoIP gateway so it knows which VoIP phone to ring.

If I manually dail 7843 and enter 7815 when it answers my VoIP phone rings. I want that to happen when I dial 7815 and am forwarded to 7843. It is almost like transferring to vmail, I want to send the extension as an argument.

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