Well, two years of a new email domain and all being SPAM free has finally ended. Somehow my name is out there. So I would like to take the oppurtunity not to vent, but to remind people about proper email procedures. This is in no way meant to imply the problem came from here, but merely one of the avenues I have to get the word out.

I kept an article from a magazine a while back which addressed reducing the SPAM likelihood.

"Making Spam Blind!"

"When you send out an email to multiple recipients, that is, more than one person, you should always use the "BCC", or "Blind Carbon Copy" feature of email. Especially if that email is a personal note or something noteworthy from the internet that you mean to share with family and friends all at one time. Send the message to yourself in the "TO" section and everyone else using "BCC". This does two things. It keeps your mailing list of email addresses private from each other. Wouldn't it be embarrassing if you still communicated with say, two people who used to have a relationship, but can't stand each other now. Not only did you just provide each party with a way to harass one another, you also admitted you are talking to "the other person". Second, and more importantly, it keeps "SPAM bots" or "SPAM Harvesters" from capturing all those email addresses. These are computer programs use job is to monitor internet traffic for valid email addresses. They will almost always ignore messages with just a single "TO" address or a few "CC" addresses. The "return" on a one on one message is minimal. However, let them find the message "Sally" sent to all 100 of her high school reunion friends, and it just hit the mother lode. In a business world where it is important for associates and co-workers to see the 4 or 5 people a message was sent to, it is appropriate to use a "TO" or "CC" field. For all others, bring on the "Blind Carbon Copy" to protect yourself and your family, friends.”

Cut and paste the excepts from the article and pass it around.

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[This message has been edited by Z-man (edited August 29, 2004).]

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