Just cleaning out the shop a little and have the following Toshiba equipment laying around.

Strata DK 40 (bought from WTI but never installed)
Strata DK 16e (pulled from working office)
DKSUET16A w/ KCDU1 and PDKU2 (from 16e)
DKSUE16A w/ RCOU1 (pulled from bad system but may work. Also have the dead DK16 it came from if you want it for possible parts)

1 – 2020-SD w/DADM2020
3 – 2020-SD
16- 2010-SD
1 – 2010-SD w/o handset
3 – 2010-S
3 – 2010-H
3 – 2010-H w/o handset

All of the phones were pulled from working service but have not been cleaned. Some phones are missing the plastic desi cover.

PM if interested in any or all of the equipment.