Up for grab is a complete Comdial DXP Phone System. We are not an installer but the business that used it. We moved and got a new system at the new place. The system is currently located about 20 min north of Philadelphia, PA.

Below is a summary of what's included, if you're interested at all please call me at 215-579-6401.

Comdial DXP

Cabinets (1 main cabinet, one auxillary cabinet, 1 empty battery box)

Line Support: Currently set up for (4) analog lines and (2) PRIs or T1s

Phone Support: 96 phones and 32 analog ports/phones (8 analog ports used for voicemail)

Voicemail System – server based; 8 ports; includes Computer integration software and Unified messaging (voicemail via email)
(Voicemail server is a rack-mount Celeron computer that attaches to system)

Phones: Comdial Impact 24-button LCD Phones (8024S). Many are very new (less than 4 years old). Probably at least 80 phones, plus many extra 12-button phones (Comdial Impact 8012S I think). Also have 2-3 24-button operator consoles that attach to a 24 button phone.

Boards in controllers (off the top of my head):

(2) DXPT1 - PRI boards
(1) DXPSYN – PRI Sync Board
(6) DXDST-16 – 16 port digital phone board (for Comdial Phones)
(2) DXIST-16 – 16 port analog port board
(1) Box of other random parts (8 port IST and DST boards mostly)

Lastly, not sure of model # but there’s a 4 port serial board as well.

Again this equipment is used but was in working condition and in production until the day we moved. There are a lot of newer 8024S-GT black 24-button phones in the mix.

Let me know! Thanks!

Mitel 3300Mxe running MCD 4.0, 5340 Phones