Yes, I wound up with about half a mile of 1-1/2" diameter, plenum-rated innerduct, complete with the kevlar pulltape that runs through it.

There's a full reel of 2200' and a partial reel with about 800' left. I've been doing less and less glass and these reels (over 5' diameter) take up too much of my garage.

The cheapest price I could find from any distributor was $2.50/ft., even on the internet. Of course, I'll sell it for half of that (or less - PM me an offer).

If you run a lot of Fiber Backbones through Hi-rises, you have to have this to run horizontally through Plenum ceilings. And it must be a teflon formulation, cause it pulls like magic!

It's Pyramid brand (which was bought up by Carlon, I believe).

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