This stuff has been sitting in my warehouse for a year... Make me an offer I can't refuse - but you pay shipping.

2 - Panasonic 816 digital systems, I think there are some expansion bays on the front of one or both. Removed Working.
1 - TV50 Voicemail. Removed working.
Some sets, all white, mostly display...

2 Norstar CICS with software
1 - Flashmail 2 port (i think its 1.9)
1 CP100, might have R2 software? I'll have to check.
Quite a number of sets of all types mostly M - beige, black, odd dolphin...

Toshiba DK100
i believe equipped as 8x8 or 8x16

toshiba DK40 with analog station card
Toshiba 16 or 14 (how do i tell) expansion module with a couple cards.

NEC level 1 i think and some dterm? sets, 4X8 i believe.

I think I have a pollcat also, i'll confirm.

Any interest in any of it and i'll get more detailed info.

~ Marty

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