Just implemented a paging horn, and ran into a question not found in the manual or here, I think....

Maximum voltage and/or current for the dry-contacts.

The paging horn we used takes a 24 VDC supply and as long as it's powered, amplifies the line static.... We thought about a relay triggered by the dry-contact interface on the paging port. But I didn't want to hook something up and blow the system....

Not having found someone with the answer (thanks 5years for being there!) I hooked up the relay inline with an ammeter and straight to the power supply. Turns out, the coil only pulls about .04 amps (and doesn't list this spec ON the relay... maximum loads on the contacts, but nothing on the actual draw). At 24 VDC, .04 amps 5years and I felt that it shouldn't be a problem.

Hooked it up to the system and it works great!

Rob Cashman
Customer Support Engineer