I'm attempting to use Asterisk between a legacy PBX and a TDS PRI. I am just passing everything exactly as the legacy PBX passes it, but if I don't force Asterisk to provide ringing on outbound calls, we don't receive any audio at all until the call is answered. The call goes through and there is audio once answered, but no ringing.

The reason this is a huge problem is that we use a telco provided long distance PIN set, so when we dial a long distance number, the caller is prompted with a tone to dial their 4 digit PIN. We don't get that tone because we don't get any audio. If I have asterisk provide ringing on outbound calls (which apparently is recommended against for multiple reasons -- including this one) we still don't get the tone.

I'm just looking for ideas on what may be causing this. I noticed that I had overlap dial configured and I don't know if it would be related, but I removed that setting and have not had a chance to test yet.

I should point out that I am not using SIP or any VoIP protocols in this scenario. I am using a PRI crossover cable to tie the two together and everything is running NI2.

Kinda looking for brainstorming on what may be linked to this issue. what causes this in other PBX configurations (other than Asterisk) I'd appreciate any kind of discussion on the topic.


Sr. Systems Administrator