Hey everyone, I was reading a thread earlier about a CLEC in Bell Souths territory where someone was asking what a CLEC does....

Here in Las Vegas, I work for a company called TelePacific Communications (TPAC). We own 7 Class 5ES Switches, (6 in CA and 1 in Las Vegas)Because we own the switches it makes for an easier transition as well as a bit more pull with the ILEC. I recently started with this company only because I am a strong believer in customer service and not the automated hell you go through when trying to deal with the ILEC here in LV. I would love the chance to associate with some of you folks as I can aquire clientele both in Las Vegas as well as in CA. Is there anyone interested in doing some networking or need your clients taken care of for services? Check out TelePacific's website as I think you will see that we are one of the few CLEC's actually making waves in the industry right now. www.telepacific.com

I hope to hear back and looking forward to doing business together in the future.