We recently upgraded our switch from 4.x to 7.x and now need to track down a copy of the InterTel 550.8200 OAI Toolkit Manual. We need more details on Version 2 of OAI, since version 1 is no longer supported on this newer switch. A local rep said that they could not get the manual so we're looking for other sources.

The only thing we're getting off the switch now is the following:

11/27/2004 7:35:55 PM - 000,RS,0,19:35,112704,V07.00,V07.001,1,1,1,1,0
11/27/2004 7:35:55 PM - 001,RD,0,

Since this is suppose to be an industry standard protocol, I was hoping someone could provide some online resources or places to get information that's relevant.

If someone is aware of any third-party APIs which would simplify the programming of the switch, that would also be appreciated.