I have been attempting to install a set of Polycom 8020 wireless SIP phones off and on since about August. So far I have not found any one with experience in setting one of these up on CIX system. Not even at tech support. I've set up 8002 models in the past without any trouble and have been told that I should be able to do it the same way with the 8020. I have the SIP stations programmed on the CIX and the SIP config files on a TFTP server just as I would for the 8002. The access points are in Polycom's certified list and do have WMM enabled.

The problem seems to be in the programming of the phones itself. Getting them connected to the access points seems straight forward but buggy and I do not see where I would configure it to locate the TFTP. Available documents have been searched and information is scattered but I do not think I am getting it all.