i was recently given the installer of call manager 8 for use in our sales room. this is supposedly part of toshiba's new IP Edge system but is backwards compatible with the older version of Net Server / ACD we use. the agents are currently using
it seems to work fine, but there is one quirk i can't figure out how to eliminate. upon starting the software a warning message pops up "WARNING! Important 911/E911 Service Limitations!" with a paragraph saying 911 won't work that you must click "I Understand" before the program proceeds to load. this happens every time call manager is started.
is there a way to keep this message from showing every time? i looked around registry and configs but did not see anything obvious. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Toshiba\CallManager\vinstall\cmtype is set to ipedge. i tried unsetting that but it didnt do anything. we are not on IP Edge for the record, but standard CIX/T1.