So I always take out a demo to the customers when I deliver my quote. It's our own in-house 7030. I have an SMTi-5243 (with an awesome high res sunflower I put on there), a DS-5021, a 5120 WiFi, an AT&T analog cordless phone and my laptop running Communicator Softphone and DM.

I also bring a little Engenius router to run to my WiFi phone and I put laptop as far away as I can from everything else and it connects WiFi through my Engenius.

I just configured a little Engenius EAP300 and put it in bridge mode and turned on my AT&T Hotspot on my Samsung Galaxy Note II.

Bitchin! bananaheadbanger

My SIP trunks come right up through my cell phone's hotspot and I can make and receive calls -connected to nothing- !

Yahoo! I can even demo the MOBEX and I set a button on my digital phone for OS connect and can put in my clients cell number with my laptop DM. Then have one of the other guys call my real SIP DID from their cell and my digital phone rings and the clients cell rings too!

Wicked cool!

When we last updated our plan, AT&T gave us free WiFi hotspot/tethering. The call quality is actually fine!

I got a demo tomorrow and the guy splits his time between here and his condo in Vermont or something like that and he wants mobility. I can't wait!