I am looking for a referral to someone who is well versed in older Comdial systems in the western part of NC.

Specifically I have a G0816 and Small Office Lite voicemail system in my office. The installer company no longer works on Comdial systems and the few people there who have been willing to help me in the past are gone. My last contact with the company said they had not been able to log into the system in quite sometime and that the existing programming cannot be overwritten by going in through the telephone keypad at station 10.

I have downloaded the manuals for both systems and read through them myself. I have tinkered with both systems with some success, but I have at least one issue I have not yet been able to resolve.

If you don't know of a referral but are willing to try and talk me through the problem over the phone, send me a Personal Message and we can discuss the problem in more detail. I would be willing to pay for the time if I can figure out how to resolve the issues.