Hi Folks, We have an Ag business(OS7100 4.75)that spends a good amount of time seasonally in the warehouse on forklifts. Looking to set up Xchange to make intercom calls and answer incoming POTs lines and transfer to other mobile user in the warehouse(via wifi) or to office (iDCS 28). Have Xchange 2-4-26 running on the LAN. Am unable to hold connection on my new S5. Tried customers S3 and connection seems fine. The "presence" page shows status of all 7100 extensions. Deskphone mode works, however I see no practical use for this mode. Mobile mode we cannot connect to or from the mobile or iDCS. Have extension 203desk and 253/mobile set on the exchange server and the app. Have 253 in C6 Mobex STN. Calling 253 from iDCS show invalid. What are we missing/doing wrong?

Thank you,