I am trying to set up Night Service on our IPK-II system. I have looked at the manuals (admin and programming) and neither of those explain things in plain English. If anyone has experience in setting up Night Service on an IPK-II, I could use some help.

The 12-02 section has multiple parts. First, we have "Night service patterns" with 20 places to enter times. Are these Night Service START times? Does each placeholder correspond to the same placeholder in the "END TIME" section following? Ex: 01 = 08:00 Service Patterns, 01 = 17:15 End Time. So, does that mean that pattern runs from 8a-5:15p?

Next, we have "Operation Mode Patterns" with 20 slots that have varying numbers. Ex: 01=2; 02=1; 03=2. I have no idea what those do.

And then, there is the weekly night schedule. Each weekday has a number you can enter. What do those numbers match up to in the settings above?

Sorry for asking all these questions in one post. If you are familiar with the programming, it might be better to set up a Zoom or Google Hangout and do a screenshare.

Thanks for any help!