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#627290 - 02/09/19 02:58 AM Is this possible?  
Joined: Apr 2018
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morephones Online content
morephones  Online Content

Joined: Apr 2018
Posts: 94
Dallas Tx
Hi Guys,

I am wondering if the following is possible or if it’s a pipedream.

Background, my 1a2 ksu is hooked up behind a Merlin Magix system in this configuration and I only have 4 phones hooked up to the 1A2.

1a2 key system lines.

Line 1 - ext 31 accesses outside line 1
Line 2 - ext 32 accesses outside line 2
Line 3 - ext 33 accesses outside line 3
Line 4 - ext 34 accesses Merlin Magix’s intercom line
Line 5 is the intercom line for the 1a2 key system.

This is what I am thinking about, I would like each of the 1a2 phones to have its own extension on line 4 from the Merlin Magix. For example, from phone 1 on 1A2 dial ext 32 to call phone # 2 on 1A2.

I was thinking that you would need to add a second 1A2 KSU to the setup and take the leads from line 4 for each phone and connect them to the second KSU. Then take the 4 lines and connect them to Merlin Magix.

The only thing that can't figure out what would you do to make the ringer and buzzer to work on the phones and would that cause a issue with the power supplies for the two KSU’s.

Let me know your thoughts on this.

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#627291 - 02/09/19 12:11 PM Re: Is this possible? [Re: morephones]  
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Silversam Online content
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Silversam  Online Content

Moderator-1A2, Cabling

Joined: May 2007
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I'm not sure I'm understanding what you want to do. If Phone #1 wants to call phone #2, that's what the Intercom is for.

You can add as many lines to a system as you have slots in the KSU. In large systems we would use 584 panels that had 13 slots. I've installed PBXs with HUNDREDS of 584 panels.

I don't understand what you mean about the ringers and buzzers.

On a larger system we'd use larger power supplies and common the grounds between them. After that, everything worked.


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#627301 - 02/09/19 09:43 PM Re: Is this possible? [Re: morephones]  
Joined: Feb 2012
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Member  Offline

Joined: Feb 2012
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orlando, fl
I think I may have something similar. I have a Merlin Legend; the MLX phones are used throughout the house. In the Library, I have my working 1A2 collection of phones. I use the T&R jacks from the Merlin Legend cards to feed 400 type KTUs. One Legend T&R line goes to each KTU, which simulates the CO lines. I use the WE intercom cards in one of the 1A2 modular panels to assign a station to each of the 1A2 sets. So with this arrangement, each 1A2 sets rings when you dial the Merlin Legend intercom number, and the 6th button on a 1A2 sets is the WE intercom. It's functional, and fun!

#627307 - 02/10/19 12:19 AM Re: Is this possible? [Re: morephones]  
Joined: Feb 2003
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dude Offline
dude  Offline

Joined: Feb 2003
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if you're not describing making line one ring on set one etc. i must be missing something.

#627309 - 02/10/19 02:58 AM Re: Is this possible? [Re: morephones]  
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dexman Online content
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dexman  Online Content

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Joined: Dec 2005
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Arlington, Massachusetts
I'm not entirely clear as to the desired operation, but, I'll give it a shot. ponder

If I am reading correctly....from the perspective of the Magix….it looks like it would part... assigning individual Magix extensions for each 1A2 phone via a Magix 016T/R card. Connect the T/R ports to the 1A2. Program the Magix to provide intercom dial tone when going off hook on the 1A2 phones. At that point, any extension could be dialed. Outside dial tone could be assigned to a pool which could be accessed by dialing the pool from any 1A2 extension.

I'm not proficient with 1A2, so I'm not sure if any specialty modules would be needed on that end.

#627313 - 02/10/19 05:15 AM Re: Is this possible? [Re: morephones]  
Joined: Jul 2001
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Touch Tone Tommy Online content
Moderator-Avaya-Lucent, Antique Tele
Touch Tone Tommy  Online Content
Moderator-Avaya-Lucent, Antique Tele

Joined: Jul 2001
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Paso Robles, CA
So here's my take on it........

The Magix provides "dial tone" to the 1A2 KSU - LInes 1, 2, and 3 are 3 separate extensions, that each have their auto line select set to go off hook on a specific outside line.

Such as Magix Ext. 31 is connected to 1A2 CO 1, and when you go off hook on a 1A2 phone on LIne 1 you are getting outside dial tone of the actual outside line through the Magix

Magix Ext. 32 auto line selects Line 2, and is connected to 1A2 CO 2, Magix Ext. 33 auto line selects Line 3 and is connected to 1A2 CO 3

Now for CO 4......
Lets use Magix Ext. 51, connect it to CO-T&R of a separate 400 line card. Jumper that to 4-T/R, A/A1, LG/L of a single 1A2 set. Strap the B1/R1 for buzzer ringing, pick a spare pair in the mounting cable, and install an additional buzzer in the phone on that pair. You would still have the bell ringer on Yel/Slt, and the buzzer for the 1A2 intercom on Yel/Org

Now connect Magix Ext. 52 to a different 400 line card, jumper that to the Line 4 position of a different 1A2 phone, strap for buzzer, install in phone, etc.
Do the same for a 3rd phone, using Magix Ext. 53, a separate line card, yadda yadda

When you pick up Line 4 on any 1A2 phone, you are getting internal dial tone from the Magix, and you can dial and of the 5x extension numbers to ring through to another 1A2 phone. Instead of ringing, it will buzz with ringing cadence on the additional buzzer that you have installed inside of the phone (because rigging up a diode matrix to hit the bell ringer would make my head explode)

Picking up on Line 5 of the 1A2 phone is traditional 1A2 intercom, such as a Melco MC-9, which will buzz through to the regular buzzer on Yel/Org

Picking up Line 1, 2, or 3 will give you outside dial tone, although through the Magix (and I guess the question here is WHY, unless you want to also have dial tone available to Magix multiline phones)

#627682 - 02/25/19 04:48 AM Re: Is this possible? [Re: Touch Tone Tommy]  
Joined: Apr 2018
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morephones Online content
morephones  Online Content

Joined: Apr 2018
Posts: 94
Dallas Tx
Would the 620A KSU would be good for this?

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