Hello from Sundance Admin, you need to read this now for your protection.

As you are aware of the power outages and strange anomalies around the world you must be wondering why and what to do,,, I will be recommending to you to sell CRASH KITS to your customers and get one for yourself. Call us for a quote at 1-800-766-3425 usedphones.com

Spare KSU, Voice Mail, Server and anything that can be backed up on a flash drive needs to be done right away, time is running out for them and you. Also you may want to have your customers upgrade the old UPS units to better and newer.

Email us for a quote on equipment to [email protected] or [email protected] or call 1-800-766-3425.

How to protect the Crash Kits, backups and other units, use a "FARADAY CAGE" and FOR YOUR CARS, BUILDINGS and HOMES an EMP SHIELD ", even if you have to make one. Search on the net on how to make or buy one. When the power comes back up you are protected and we be up and running.

I have been researching this for a several years and have a definitive info on what has happened and what is about to happen to Earth. I see the problems right here on our site threads, and have first hand info from many techs and business owners over the years. What I am reporting to you now is a huge problem coming our way. The Government is hardening the Power Grid and Gov Buildings. And there is also a report on the Home Land Security Website to be prepared for six months without power.

What is Coming?
Before this year ends we will be hit by a Supernova, an insider has reported that last year we were hit by waves from the Supernova and Earth will get by the biggest waves around September or sooner no later than the end of this year. As you all know we have - Sun CME, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Floods, Lightning, Tsunami, Rumors of Laser Wars, Power Grid Cyber Wars, EMP Warfare, Aliens, Planet X and Terrorist.

Click that Buy Button, time is up...

Recommended company for EMP Shield https://empshield.com/save

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