I have an older friend who is downsizing his collection, moved into a new home with his wife and doesn't have the room anymore. So he gave me some items from his collection.

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

From left to right: 24V powersupply, AE payphone, catalog from Western Electric, NYNEX hardhat, another 24V powersupply, sign, ceramic protector, 24V buzzers, porcelain sign, cloth covered switchboard wire, and a nice 25 pair terminal.

I particularly like the AE semi-post pay rotary payphone, my first payphone. It has the lower keys, just need to buy a key for the top, and of course deal with the coin box lock. He may be giving me a WE 555 switchboard that came out of the Weld, ME CO many years ago. Nice gem with Maine telephone history.

Other items he donated to the Telephone Museum in Ellsworth, a few items going to the Telephone Museum in Warren NH, some stuff unfortunately is getting scrapped.