Here are a pair of vintage answering machines. The first is probably the first answering machine ever made by Bell. It is a Bell System 1B. It has internal magnetic cylinders and uses tubes. I have had it on, but it is sold AS-IS. It requires an external telephone to record the message, and listen to the messages. It has an ANNOUNCE ONLY feature. With it comes the Bell Systems BSP and some photocopies of advertising/instructional literature. Dated 1955.
The second machine, I believe was made by Code-a-Phone for Bell Systems.
BS{ 514-155-200. It’s slightly smaller. Comes with the above BSp for INSTALLATION AND CONNECTIONS. The unit is a KS-19245.
Also available are 3-551 C ksu’s, some with ring gen., a few 4A speakerphones, a ton of line cards, all tested, and a huge ITT call director switchboard. All local pickup near Philadelphia. Great pricing. Need to move. Piictures available if seriously intereste.

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