Hi guys,

I'm working on "flows" (not sure how to call this) to handle call's in my SV8100.
There are two flows:

.1 All call's from outside
There will be 4 trunks with two phone numbers, trunk 1 and 2 for personal call's, 3 and 4 for business. Depending on night-mode I want the calls handled differently. I made a flowchart to make it visible and clear: http://gofile.me/4Md90/1ezOExD08
Some explanation: for trunk 1 and 2 start with a welcome message asking if a caller wants to reach the business, then they have to dial 1. dialling 8 is not mentioned as this is a "hidden" option for close friends to reach me directly. If they don't dial anything they go to the next step, which is depending on night mode.

.2 Internal call to virtual extension
This might need some explanation to: I'm having a GeoCache (www.geocache.com if you have no idea) on the gate in my backyard. GeoCachers open the box, make a call to get the code for the cache. I want them to call a virtual extension which start a welcome message and a option for 1 Dutch or 2 English. after that they get some questions. A wrong answer makes them start over, a right answer brings them to the next question. After 3 questions they get the code.
Flowchart: http://gofile.me/4Md90/smHhoIfJO

Can you give me some hints on how to start? it's not clear to me what settings are needed to be modified to accomplish this. I know how to record the different messages but I don't know how to get callers to the right message and how to connect after that to the next message/group call/voicemail.

Thanks in advance for everyone having a look in to this.