Hi all!

We have a customer who has a Mitel 3000 at their location. It was being maintained by a company that went out of business and is no longer available. I am familiar a bit with Mitel stuff and they wanted our company to install 2 phones for them in their Pharmacy. This is a grocery store. As I went to try and get into programming at station 20, the phone was displaying programming refused. It did this from every station that phone system has. I plugged in a spare phone to each port and had no luck. I was unaware that you were able to change or turn off the programming from a station... Is that even possible? I'm assuming they did their programming from a PC. I am needing to find out how I can fix this issue without defaulting the system. I'm not aware of how it's currently working since I can't get into the programming, so I don't want to create a whole mess. Is there anyway I can salvage this situation that I am in? Is anyone able to help? We are willing to pay for remote support to get this problem corrected. If you have any ideas, suggestions or solutions please feel free to share or contact me. Thanks!