I have a question on our phone console that the Receptionist use.

Our system is Inter-Tel Axxess 5000, using database 11.004, DB Studio 1.67 version.

We had to reinstall the console for them after a computer crash. Now I no longer have the Orbit and Page buttons off to the right of their screen as before. I have the shortcut panel there for them but can't figure out how to get their orbit and page buttons to show up there.

I'm not sure if all systems are the same but the orbit numbers are to put a caller on hold then page for someone to take the call. The person presses Pick on their phone then the number given (example, Pick 51) and they are connected to the call put on hold. We have 3 pick numbers (51, 52, 53) and I need help getting that at least off to the quick panel to the right.

Thank you in advance.