Customer states PMS integration was working but disconnected it , now they want to restore it.
They have a PVA Blade and UM8000 VOICEMAIL BLADE.
All licenses for Hotel, PVA, PMS are installed (no LUA)
They also have IN MAIL which seems like for Admin phones and Auto/ATT.
I read somewhere that you can run PMS with IN-MAIL without PVA. I don't know if that's true or not. Has anyone done that, if so how do you connect to PMS? Via (CPU IP and PORT)?
All hotel extensions all CF to a VE 275 which I think was the pilot for UM8000 VOICEMAIL BLADE extensions. 275 is now CF to In-Mail pilot, which they may have set when they disconnected PVA. There is only one Dept. Group (64) for In-Mail, I’m thinking to get the PVA working I need a Dept. Group for my UM8000 VOICEMAIL BLADE extensions which I assume was there when working. Prog 15-55 has address for VM,
Looks like most hotel features are programmed.
I have not been to the site, I am only looking at the database.
Any help, tips or suggestion would be greatly appreciated