Hello all! Once again I am having problems with our Axxess system. More specifically our receptionist phone (console). The phone is diplaying 'Major Alarm' with no codes or anything else for that matter. We had vendors working near the system yesterday, so I thought Id repatch (and I patched to a different location) to no avail. Although, whe I reconnected the patch, I got the message 'Locked Out'. This is the same message that was reported yesterday. I have found a couple of other posts that say 'Use the special key and type 9850, or 010, or 010. But that really doesnt help when no buttons function uder a major alarm. All other phones are working perfectly, no other errors reported, just that phone (which I had tested to work at other extensions). I do not have to option to call a vendor or service tech. I must do this on my own, so any help or input is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!