I just upgraded my customers partner system from rel3.0 to rel6.0 and added a 400ec card. My problem started 2 weeks ago when we installed a new 4ooec card and the card didnt work! why? i did a sytem clear to default setting and still no dial tones? so i then thought it was the position in the cabinet in slot 4 (the systems config. was setup as follows slot 1 308ec slot 2 206ec slot 3 acs308 slot 4 the new 400ec slot 5 empty) so i took out the 308ec from slot 1 and put the 400ec in slot 1, still no dial tones so i then bought a seconed 400ec same problem, at this point i knew it was an Avaya issue i got Avaya tech support and found out that the 400ec cards have conflicts with the 200e cards, i then replaced the 200e with a 308ec and the 400ec card worked. We should of known of this way before all this leg work, im really pissed at Avaya not making this problem public knowledge.[ [Linked Image from sundance-communications.com]]