Posted By: Yoda CCO on one IP phone - 09/16/22 09:11 PM
Strange behavior on one phone. All IP phones on SV9100.

One extension cannot call a handful of long distance numbers.
- Can call most numbers with no problem.
- Call a 'problem' number, get a reorder tone.
- Call a 'problem' number from another phone and it rings.
- Some of the 'problem' numbers are in the same building, same prefix.

I've tried moving the phone to different switch ports, swapped phones, all the regular stuff. I have found that if I change the extension number in the phone, it works! I cannot see any differences in programming between the bad extension number and a good extension number.

I would like to keep the original extension number and figure out why this is happening.
Thanks for any ideas.

Posted By: Coral Tech Re: CCO on one IP phone - 09/17/22 03:45 AM
Look to see what CID you are sending. Some carriers will not accept override CID because of spam blockers.
Posted By: Yoda Re: CCO on one IP phone - 09/17/22 03:18 PM
I checked that too. 21-18 has the same number for the phone in question as the other phones that can call the problem number.

Earlier I had swapped phones, unregistered the bad phone, etc. I gave the new phone the same extension number and still problems. Don't know how much data the un-register process removes, but apparently not whatever is causing the issue.
Posted By: Coral Tech Re: CCO on one IP phone - 09/18/22 02:34 AM
So you just change the ext number? Same port correct?
Posted By: Yoda Re: CCO on one IP phone - 09/19/22 01:00 AM
Login to the phone. SIP user - extension number- enter new number - save and reboot. Same phone, same port, different extension. Works with a new ext number.

When this was first reported, I deleted the registered phone, swapped phones with another known good phone, put the original extension number in the new phone and still could not call those numbers.
Posted By: Coral Tech Re: CCO on one IP phone - 09/20/22 12:15 PM
Create a new COS for that phone and try turning off 20-08-13,14 and 15. Also is this SIP trunking and what processor are you using?
Posted By: Yoda Re: CCO on one IP phone - 09/21/22 02:41 PM
Well, kiss my *** !

First, to answer your questions Coral Tech: PRI trunks. CP20 cpu.

It is working now. Here is what I did. Removed the entry in 21-18, Calling Party # for Extensions. Called out and worked fine. Then put the number back in 21-18 and it worked fine. I thought there must have been an invisible character or something.

While composing this reply, I looked back at the program entry in PC Pro using an old database. I saw that I had made a typo in the area code for that extension. With the numbers all run together, I was difficult to see.

Coral Tech: Since that was your original diagnosis, you're allowed an "I told you so."

Thank you for your replies and support. I appreciate your efforts.

Kicking myself :-(
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