I was hoping someone could shed some light on what might be going on with my system. We recently switched from AT&T phone service to Comcast business. I was told their system is all over thier cable network and all calls wil be coming from VoIP network.
The problem: When someone calls the phone just rings and rings with nothing on my end. Also, i cannot make calls out. Needless to say im losing business and the technicaian who installed system wa here almost whole day before he left. They are sending someone else tomorrow but wanted to know if anyone had heard of this or might know what problem might be. I'm more concerned about getting my business going than anything so any info. i can pass down to techs. will be appreciated.
System we have: Mitel SX 50.
Also, first tech said i needed to reprogram or upgrade system so im really trying to avoid that, esp. since it was working before.