Daniel, in form 2 you will assign an access code for attendant access (most people will use 0). IF you enable option 239 (priority dial 0)in ANY COS that will take precedence and route to the Priority dial 0 routing you have set up in form 19 (Call rerouting) That allows you to assign dial 0 per tenant as opposed to system wide. As I said with the embedded VM in 200ICP you MUST assign Day, Night 1, and Night 2 to the same location for dial 0 for the VM to work properly. So, if you want Day to go to console and Night 1 and 2 to go to different places you must use priority dial 0 to make that happen. Also, as VAD said you can use if for tenants sharing the same PBX to each have a different operator answer point. Another example - in a full service hotel I used it to route concierge level rooms dialing 0 to a separate button on the console so attendants would know it was coming from the concierge level and answer calls appropriately. It gives you a lot of flexibility once you get the hang of it. Hope that helps