I believe they have a decent handle on it except for the junction boxes to accommodate that long of a pull. Does someone have a link to either some sort of an in/out feed box that sits flush to the ground or that will be freestanding? On a 1200' run I'd say we need at least three junctions not including the building entrances.

They will bury the conduit a minimum of 24" to the top of the conduit, or approx 28" deep total. Also will pour concrete in where the conduit may be driven over.

We'll put in interduct for the fiber and some copper. The missing piece is how to "split up the run."

Also I guess we should vacuum through a pull line vs having them try to install it when putting in the conduit?

Obviously we are not outside plant cable contractors. We are interested in helping the customer do it right the first time as cost effectively as possible. Thanks for any ideas.