I went ahead and did what the link said anyway, figuring that it couldn't get any worse. I had also Googled, etc., but the word 'reset' was mentioned everywhere and it just intimidated me. Apple's definition of the word isn't the same as what we phone people know it to mean. It turns out that the instructions really are more specific to the iPhone family itself, and not the model, version or software, so it worked out. It's not perfect, but it's working a whole lot better than before. I now know that one of the issues that I'm having has to do with the screen itself. That said, I'll probably just get a new phone.

One important note for others who may view this: Although they warn you about having to adjust your settings and reset ALL of your passwords, etc., I didn't realize just how many things that I had changed over the years. It took me a good while to get it back to where I wanted it. At least with this fix, I can shop at my leisure and not rush. Thanks again for the link.