i have received the upgrade to my openworx software - i currently have version 2.0, and they have sent me version 3.0. apparently the current version is at 4.something. i've been told that it is risky to not upgrade to the most recent version, since i can't afford to let me system crash - does anyone have an opinion as to whether i should try the upgrade or not? i'm in calgary, alberta canada - and i have not been able to find anyone who is comfortable on this system. is there anyone here?
the version 2.0 is stable enough, however all of the fancy features don't work, and i was told that they are software bugs that are cleared up in the new versions. things such as dialler, location status, etc (that we purchased) don't work. what is the general consensus on the BAS? is it a good product? is it recommended? your wise experienced knowledge is much appreciated!!!!