I was wondering if anyone here understand how the SVMI-8E Voicemail system work. I am so upset with the 3rd party ALeen VME pro and its poor design that I'm considering never dealing with them again and only working with the Samsung voice mail system for now on. I had couple questions about this voicemail system that hopefully someone may be able to answer.

1. Does it have "Last in, first out" when retrieving saved voice messages? In other words, when you listen to your saved voice messages, do you listen to the most recently ones first then work your way back to the older voice messages?

or do you start with the first voice message you ever received back years ago and work your way to the most recent voice messages.

This is a major problem I'm having with the 3rd party Aleen system so I wanted to know if the Samsung system was any better. I keep explaining to Aleen that people don't want to listen or have scroll by 80 messages including ones they got last year just to get to the message they got yesterday.

2. The SVMI-8E has 8 ports and does not require SLI extensions as do 3rd party external voice mail systems right?

3. Does the SVMI-8E have a dial by name directory?
Does it direct you to the person's extension or the person's voice mail( or does it have the option to do both?)

4. How many storage hours does the SVMI-8E have available?

5. Is the ability to receive your voice messages attached in your e-mail a built in feature or does it require additional hardware/software?

6. Can you deliver a fax to a person's extension or does this require additional hardware/software?

7. Do all numbers that call in have the same greeting or can you have different greetings for different numbers which call in?( Or do you have to specify this by Port # on the voicemail and direct the numbers there using MMC 714/MMC406)

I realize there are a ton of questions. If you might have the answer to any one of these questions, I would really appreciate it. The biggest issue would probably be the " Last in, first out" ability.