I'm about to take possession of a fairly large Merlin Legend system--much too large for my personal needs. I'm looking to trade for Norstar gear (MICS or CICS.)

System consists of:
3 Cabinets
Legend R5 processor (marked R5 V10.0)
Intuity console with 4 port Audix VM
1x 100D card
3x 408 GS/LS-MLX cards
1x 408 MLX GS/LS-ID card
1x 800 DID card
1x 800 GS/LS card
2x 012 cards
1x 012 w/ Ring Gen card
2x 016 cards
2x 008 OPT cards
1x MLX-20L with 1x DSS
20-24x MLX-10DP (2 with analog adjunct board)
20-30x various analog phones (mix of Avaya 6221 (grey) and Lucent 8102M (black))

System in good condition, though pretty dirty. Last powered up about a year ago, fully functional. One of the 408 cards (not sure if it's the ID card or not, but probably is) is a magix card in a clamshell.

If you're not personally interested, but know a used equipment vendor who might be interested in this kind of trade, please point them my way.