I currently have a Multi-Tech VOIP box which presents FXS ports (Loop Start) to the outside world. I have connected these ports to trunk ports on the Intertel phone system I have. I have been able to program the phone system to pick up the call via AutoAttendant. However, when I call into that port and hang up the call after concluding the conversation, the Intertel System does not hang up the call for approximately 5 minutes. Is there any adjustment that can be made to allow the call to release sooner?

Also, is there a way to program the system speed dial to call on this trunk group. The trunk group number is 9206 and the number I want to call is 301. If I use the keypad on the phone, I am able to place the call just fine by typing 9206301. The call goes right through. I programmed SYS SPD 140 to be "9206P301". However, when I try to dial SYS SPD 140, the call does not go through. Is there something that needs to be adjusted for this to work?