We have a unique situation i'm hoping to get help on. We installed an IP Office 9.1 for a customer with 11 POTS lines. One of those lines is used for outgoing only and routed to the internal modem for us to dial in and administer. If I dial in from my office it registers on the system, receives an IP address, and manager sees the system. When I try to connect through Manager I get a "network error-failed to communicate...". This happens every time. I can open System status without a problem and log on. Having to go to the site I brought the same computer and modem and connected it to the IPO on an analogue station port assigned to another line and dialed in (out to telco and back). It connected and worked perfectly. This was perplexing so I took an old ACS processor out of the van and used two station ports to connect my modem to the first trunk port to act as my own telco. Again, no problems at all. So once back at the office tried again and the same network error keeps coming up. What could it be? Is there some error correction that needs to be set differently on the modem? The modem connects at 14.4 (the IPO modem speed) And I can fax out over the line which I tested. The big problem is that this customer does not have internet, yes you read that correctly. We need this to work. (I plan on experimenting with our office system but have not had a chance yet and hoped someone had insight)