So I've got an ies16 with a 2GB CF card in it. I've been trying to swap this card out with a Sandisk 8GB CF card that I have. Anyway, I tried to mirror the 2GB card to the 8GB card and the ies16 doesn't seem to boot with the 8GB card (About 2 mins in I see the LEDs cycle through the ports, then about 5 mins into it I see the LED for the Ethernet card go off and come back on.... Signaling that maybe it is rebooting?).

Is there a magic trick to doing this? I did it once before about 4 years ago, but that card failed recently :-(

I'm making a bit for bit copy of the 2 GB card (Using the command dd under Linux) and it doesn't work. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thank you!