Hi Again,

I have a "stock" of old telephones that need to be cleaned, polished and put into the phone room. I selected a nice black telephone dated 10 / 60 to clean up next.

First the phone is labeled as a 510 rather than a 500. It has a key (turn knob) on the front of the phone, I assume that this is a line selector. The wall cord is a thin four wire cord. Again, I am assuming that this is a two line capable phone.

The second thing is that the shell of this phone seems different. Unlike all of my other phones, the shells have a nice plasticy sound when I tap on them. This one has a much duller "thud" when I tap on it. It also seems to be softer. I do know that it takes a beautiful shine when buffed with turtle wax polish compound on a slow wheel.

Any information or thoughts on this would be most appreciated.



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