I have an interesting situation I recently visited a new account residential customer with about 30 or 40 phones installed (1) CO Line
Whoever programmed it prior seem to have a unique set up for a certain reason not exactly sure why

When I lift the handset of any phone I do not hear any internal or external dial tone and nothing lights up on phone all phones are 24 button with 8 button sidecar

I just hear some white noise in the background and that’s only if you turn the volume up originally I didn’t think I heard anything

However the phone seem to work fine you can press a hotline key or dial an extension

I was just trying to figure out what program that was in
I think it was may be in the 80-xx-xx
I may be the volume is just turn down if that’s possible

It’s not really a problem I think it’s probably a good idea in a way so if somebody accidentally lifts the handset off the phone it doesn’t light up on anybody’s extension

Also there is a very strange problem where what used to be line 3 intermittently throughout the day that button will ring even though there’s no dial tone on it
I just deleted everything that has to do with line 3 to see what happens because there is no line 3 anymore

They currently only have one line on the phone where they used to be several

Somebody recently purchased the house I don’t believe they even moved in yet

Just wondering if anybody has seen anything like this