Ok, I didn't see this coming as an issue. It should be as simple as getting Hyperterminal and a null modem cable to work on a KT-TD1232 right?

What I Want The Panisonic TDA50 Phone System To Do:
After 3-4 incoming rings on CO1 (or any CO) and the call is NOT ANSWERED, transfer the call to a totally different telephone number OUTSIDE of where the TDA50 is located.

TDA50, 8-CO's and 8-Ext's
CO's setup as Single CO appearances on each extension
CO#1 is a Spectrum Communications line and by default will transfer to a Spectrum provided voice mailbox after 6 rings and there is no answer - This is a Spectrum feature.

Programming attempted (and failed):
At extension 101 (and tried others as well): "ICM, *7114, 9, 1213xxxxxxx, #, hangup"
I got the confirmation tone, but calls continued to ring on all phones
I shorten the "No Answer" timer to 03 secons using "ICM, #71303" - again pretty tone, but no forwarding.

Also tried:
"Program, 514" was a dud too. I made sure I set timer "Program 53" to shorten time that I'd have to wait for call to forward. (03 seconds)

It seems straight forward and I know I've done this many times in the past. However, this one has me scratching my head. Thanks for the input.